Case against Grihalakshmi mag for breastfeeding cover

ANI | Updated: Mar 02, 2018 18:11 IST

Kollam (Kerala) [India], Mar. 02 (ANI): A Kerala-based advocate on Friday filed a case against Malayalam magazine Grihalakshmi for featuring a photograph of a woman breastfeeding an infant on its cover.

Advocate Vinod Mathew Wilson filed the case in the Court of Chief Judicial Magistrate, Kollam regarding the same.

The magazine cover featured model Gilu Joseph breastfeeding a child with the caption "Mothers tell Kerala, 'please don't stare, we need to breastfeed'."

The magazine edition featured the image to campaign for the right to breastfeed in public without shame.

The picture raised quite a storm on social media and was even reported in international media.

The social media seemed divided on the issue; while some appreciated the initiative, others considered it as absurd.

A Twitterer supporting the initiative urged the people to stand with the campaign and against the narrow minded people.

"Stand with @gilujoseph and @Grihalakshmi_ against those narrow minded people who can't see breastfeeding as just another normal human activity," a person Tweeted.

"Malayalam magazine Grihalakshmi, from @mathrubhumieng, has this new cover. It says, "Mothers tell Kerala, "please don't stare, we need to breastfeed"". WOW. Unusually bold," Tweeted another person.

While another Twitterer termed the incident as 'commercial gimmick' and said that no mother would do such things for a photoshoot.

"Breastfeeding is so sublime that no mother will do for a photoshoot. Our mother has given breastfeeding without any campaign, this is a commercial gimmick in the name of celebrating motherhood," he Tweeted.