Veer Singh Bhuria, Congress MLA from Thandla, Jhabua argues with a police officer
Veer Singh Bhuria, Congress MLA from Thandla, Jhabua argues with a police officer

Caught on cam: Cong MLA, police quarrel over traffic penalty in Madhya Pradesh

ANI | Updated: Jun 06, 2019 02:02 IST

Jhabua (Madhya Pradesh) [India], June 6 (ANI): A Congress MLA was seen arguing with a police officer over a traffic penalty issued to an individual for allegedly driving with three people on a bike.
The legislator's attempt to downplay the situation, however, failed to deter the police personnel from doing his job. The latter was heard asking the Madhya Pradesh lawmaker to support the implementation of the law instead of opposing it.
The incident, which occurred on Tuesday, witnessed Veer Singh Bhuria, a Congress MLA from Thandla, arguing furiously over a traffic penalty.
"For what would you penalize? How many people did you see? This is Jhabua district, this will not happen here. Where do you live? What is his name (asks onlookers)? You do this every day. I am observing it, you are troubling people", Bhurai can be heard saying to the police personnel, as per a video of the incident.
In response, the police personnel says, "He was riding with three people. We are stopping the vehicles without a number plate or with three people on the bike."
He also seemed to take offence at the legislator questioning his whereabouts and details. "You are threatening me? Will you get me out of my job? Will you not let me live in this district? I am talking respectfully to you. This is our senior personnel orders. This is my duty and I am following orders," the police personnel told Bhurai.
"You should support the law and order, instead, you are opposing it," he added.
Commenting on the incident, Jhabua ASP Vijay Dawar said, "I have seen the video of the incident. Owing to increasing vehicle thefts action is being taken against vehicle-owners who don't have a number plate, paper or indulge in over-riding. Police were doing their duty. We will speak to the MLA and tell him that people are not being inconvenienced." (ANI)