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Chandigarh Police develops 'lockdown violator' catcher device
Chandigarh Police develops 'lockdown violator' catcher device

Chandigarh Police develops device to catch lockdown violators

ANI | Updated: Apr 28, 2020 17:17 IST

Chandigarh [India], April 28 (ANI): In order to nab the lockdown violators while maintaining the social distance, Chandigarh police has developed a device, made up of steel, which is 5 feet in length and based on trigger mechanism.
The handle of the device needs to be pushed backwards in order to open up its arms so as to trap the accused.
"This device was made for those who do not surrender themselves to the police for breaking the lockdown and to catch those who do not fear the police. It took us two days to come up with the design of the device," Head Constable Gurdeep Singh, told ANI.

"We have prepared a sample and await the approval of our DGP, the moment we get the approval, we will make more such device," he added.
On the other hand, in Indore, a security personnel made a man do squats on road for flouting the lockdown guidelines on Sunday. Security committee personnel flagged him down while he was driving his luxury car amid lockdown.
The video of him performing squats while holding ears has gone viral on the internet. Indore Police have found a variety of ways to publicly punish people flouting coronavirus lockdown -- making them do squats, sit-ups and push-ups in the street.
Also, Uttar Pradesh police punished people who flouted coronavirus lockdown in Kanpur by making them do sit-ups. (ANI)