An employee of Apollo Pharmacy speaks to ANI on Thursday.
An employee of Apollo Pharmacy speaks to ANI on Thursday.

Chemist shops run out of sanitizers and face masks in parts of Delhi-NCR

ANI | Updated: Mar 05, 2020 08:54 IST

New Delhi [India], Mar 5 (ANI): The hand sanitizers have disappeared from the market and the price of masks has shot up multiple times as people resorted to panic buying amid the deadly COVID-19 outbreak.
"Hand sanitizers have disappeared from the market. We have given the order for it but it is difficult to get them. Masks which were earlier sold for Rs 50-60, are now being sold at Rs 100-150," Shubham, a medical store owner said.
People who could not get the masks in the market are roaming with tying their handkerchiefs on the face and refrain themselves from visiting a crowded place.
Speaking to ANI Haider Ali, a resident said, "I Had come here to buy the mask but the shops have run out of them so I have tied this hanky on my face. The disease is so deadly that people are afraid of shaking hands and going to public places."

Chemist association treasurer of Nai Basti, Mohit Goyal said that as coronavirus has also been detected in India, there is panic among the people which led to the increase in demand of masks and sanitizers and the supply is low.
"There is panic among the people about coronavirus and demand for masks has increased, due to which the price of them have inflated. The N-95 mask which used to sell at Rs 50-60 but now it has been selling at the rate of Rs 280-300," Mohit said.
The outlets of Apollo Pharmacy in Noida have also gone out of masks after the demand increased.
"We have been assuring customers that masks will be available soon. There are two types of masks one is a three-layer mask and another is N-95 mask, both are not available in any outlet of Apollo in pan Noida," an employee of Apollo Pharmacy said.
More than 94,000 people worldwide have been infected with the novel strain of the coronavirus, the vast majority of them in China where the outbreak originated. More than 3,200 people have died, but 51,000 have recovered after being treated. (ANI)