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Chennai based scientist invents machine that converts water from air

ANI | Updated: Jan 30, 2018 18:53 IST

Chennai (Tamil Nadu) [India], Jan 30 (ANI): A scientist here has invented a solar-powered device that can convert vapour from the atmosphere into drinking water.

Kumar Loganathan had created a group called 'Elbow' - a team of eight engineering students to construct innovative projects that would benefit society and use the skills gained along the process to start an organisation that would manufacture these products and become successful entrepreneurs.

Elaborating about the objective and its working, Kumar said, "The device generates water by condensing water vapour from the atmosphere, it purifies the generated water through an Ultra Violet Light sterilizer providing clean drinking water at less than 84 paise per litre, and in the process it also cleanses the air."

Kumar further said the water becomes drinkable after being converted from a polluted air.

"My device is working well. The average Relative Humidity (RH) is 73 percent. This varies from place to place. For example: Chennai has an RH of 76 percent, Puducherry: 96 percent; Kochi: 83 percent; Rajasthan: 44 percent. My device works anywhere where the RH is more than 40 percent," he added.

Kumar said that his invention 'My Ganga' is different from other vapour converters.

"Other inventions are like Automatic Brake Sensing Using Eye Movement (ABSE). This system monitors the driver's eyes and avoids accidents -based on BAT (bird) creature , I invented a unique ultrasounds device for blind people -there are so many like Maxskito device, etc," he added.

Further talking about his project, Kumar said his real motto is to provide water to all and solve the water crisis. (ANI)