Pramila Bai with her son Dashrat and daughter Reena. Photo/ANI
Pramila Bai with her son Dashrat and daughter Reena. Photo/ANI

Chhatisgarh: Widow seeks govt's help to procure rations for self, two blind children

ANI | Updated: Aug 24, 2019 16:49 IST

Balrampur (Chhattisgarh) [India] Aug 24 (ANI): A widow in Belkurta Gram Panchayat of Ramchandra Pur Vikaskhand, living in a dilapidated house with her two children who are blind from birth, and with no means of earning a livelihood, has appealed for government assistance.
Pramila Bai who is in her late 60s and lost her husband earlier was left in a pitiable state having to fend for herself and her two visually challenged children after her elder son was killed in a car accident.
She claims she cannot go outside for work and earn a livelihood since there is no one to look after her blind children.
"I have grown old and unable to work for a living as I have to look after my two kids. My husband is dead and my elder son was killed in a car accident. I only have these two kids, who are blind from birth, and nothing else," said Pramila Bai.
The old-age pension which she gets from the government does not arrive on time, she claims adding that the ration-card provided by the government only provides her with 35 kg of rice.
"It is very difficult to manage a three-time meal in the 35 kg of rice. It is a daily struggle to put food on their plates. I am in a lot of trouble," she said.
Dashrat, her son said: "My ration card was cancelled due to some issue and so we do not get the extra 35 kg of rice, which we used to get earlier. My sister Reena and I have no other support and we cannot imagine living without her. If she goes, we will not be able to live."
"The government officials visit us and promise to issue a new ration card to me but no procedure takes place after that," he added.
Reena, her daughter who is also blind from birth has requested the government to help them as the family is not able to survive.
"The house in which we are living requires re-construction as it is about to fall in some days. Some part of our house has already fallen and the remaining part of the house can fall anytime. Under the Modi-government, people are getting houses as per his Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojna. We are not getting any benefit. We feel like there is no law for us. We don't get pension on time and when we enquire about it, they say that it has not come yet," she said.
When contacted, Sanjeev Kumar Jha, District Collector said: "I have directed the officials of the Social Welfare Department to help them in every possible way. They will look after their problems of pension, food, education and other problems and will inform me. After looking at the report I will take necessary action." (ANI)