girl affected with Chicken Pox showing pox marks
girl affected with Chicken Pox showing pox marks

Chicken Pox spreads like wild fire at Gorakhpur village

ANI | Updated: Feb 02, 2019 23:02 IST

Gorakhpur (Uttar Pradesh) [India], Feb 2 (ANI): Several cases of Chicken-pox have been reported at Jharwa village in Gorakhpur with elders, youngster and children falling prey to the communicable disease. Death of a child has also been reported a couple of days back however, the officials claim that the cause of death cannot be attributed to the Chicken Pox with certainty.
“Since last one month we are struggling with the disease. In my family alone there are 6 patients while there are numerous other cases in the whole village,” said Vishwakarma.
“The doctors advised me to take medicines and said that it all is happening due to virus. He also advised me to stay away from cold. I am suffering since last one month,” said Kusum.
However, a team of government doctors visited the village and gave drugs and medication to the villagers.
“The team visited there and gave the medications and told the villagers about the precaution. The case is not so serious and only 6 children were found to be affected with the chicken pox,” said the government official. 
“One death is also reported but the cause is not established as the parents of the child, instead of taking him to a registered medical practitioner, took him to the quack and Ojha,” he said. (ANI)