Children offer sweets, 'Thank You' cards to security forces in violence-hit area of North East Delhi
Children offer sweets, 'Thank You' cards to security forces in violence-hit area of North East Delhi

Children offer sweets to policemen in violence hit North-East Delhi

By Priyanka Sharma | Updated: Feb 29, 2020 00:48 IST

New Delhi [India], Feb 28 (ANI): Presence of security forces in the violence-hit parts of Delhi has restored confidence among the children and have boosted their morale.
10-year-old Praush Sharma, Kavya Sharma (7), Ayushi (9) and Siya Kumari (8)--best friends in the neighbours saw security forces deployed around their locality in the violence-hit zone of North East Delhi's Shiv Vihar and are filled with confidence that they are now secure.
On Friday, with a sigh of relief and happiness, these kids stepped out of their house to offer sweets and "thank you" cards to Rapid Action Forces (RAF) personnel for safeguarding their lives.
On Tuesday, these children had witnessed hundreds of people screaming for help in their neighbourhood who were allegedly attacked by known goons and vandalized the house.
"We are offering some sweets and "thank you" cards written Jai Hind on it to our security forces for safeguarding our lives. It was a horrific night when we heard the voices of people screaming for help. We could not go out because my parents had locked us into the house to protect us from the mob. I can still visualize that deadly moment our neighbours on the other side were attacked," said Praush Sharma.
He is a class fourth student who studies in Guru Hari Krishan Public School in Shahdara.
His mother, Seema Sharma said: "My child was disturbed and could not sleep the whole night. Any sort of noise in the house, made him panic. After deployment of security forces here, he has got the courage to step out of the house. We are really thankful to the government for protecting our lives."
For Siya Kumar, who studies in class III -- it felt as if Shiv Vihar had transitioned overnight. "Right before our eyes, we saw our locality turned into a battlefield. We could see stone pelting, the noise of gun firing, people screaming and this episode did not let us sleep. Today, security forces have been deployed here. It seems that we are safe now. We want to thank these security forces by offering that sweets and "thank you" cards which we have made for them."
"We used to play every evening outside their houses and have fun. But, on Tuesday, our parents did not allow them to go out of the houses because of communal clashes with two groups. It was such a distressing scenario for us. We love our India and we want to say "thank you" to our security forces," said Kavya.
Vajudeen Mohammed Saifi was thankful to the security forces as they rescued his family safely against the mob attack. "When hundreds of goons attacked us, security forces safely evacuated us along with my children and wife. Today, I am standing alive because of the police personnel present here," he said.
Vajudeen's daughter Shagufa (8) and son Rehan (7) are staying safe at the nearby area where security forces are deployed.
"We have never seen this kind of violence. On the night of February 25, we had locked up our houses. My father went outside to seek some help and security officials protected us. They safeguarded our lives and many others who were caught by the mob here," said Shagufa.
Besides, the little happiness was also seen of the faces of RAF security personnel. Suman Muhal and Krishna Yadav, from the battalion 194-RAF deputed at Shiv Vihar, told ANI: "In our entire career, we have placed been deputed at various locations. It gives us immense happiness that little children have brought us "thank you" cards created by them and sweets. (ANI)