China challenging might of USA in global order: Army chief Rawat

ANI | Updated: Mar 13, 2018 22:20 IST

New Delhi [India], Mar. 13 (ANI): Army chief General Bipin Rawat said on Tuesday that China has arrived on the world stage and was challenging the dominance of United States of America over the world order.

"The Chinese have finally arrived. I can say that. They did not forget that military power should rise simultaneously with economy, that is why they stand strong today in the international world order, challenging the might of USA," he said while giving a speech on 'Changing Security Environment: The Role of Indian Army' in New Delhi.

Shifting the spotlight on India, the 27th Chief of Army Staff said the onus was on India to try and balance the rise of China as a new World Power.

"After that focus of the international community shifted towards Indo-Pacific region. As China has risen, countries have started looking up to India to see whether we can also become a nation that can balance the rise of China. It is all because of China's assertiveness."

Attempting to dispel rumours concerning military expenditure, Rawat said, "There is a belief that the defence expenditure is actually a burden on the state. They believe that whatever put in defence it is something that comes without any returns. I want to dispel that myth. If your economy has to rise, you have to ensure security to that establishment that is going to be poured in your country."

"Is entire defence expenditure being utilized only for maintaining military? This is the second myth I wish to dispel. Almost 35% of our budget goes into nation-building," he added.

Rawat also spoke about the importance of developing infrastructure in the remote areas, saying, "When we develop infrastructure on our borders, we are connecting the people who live in far areas with the mainland. This helps in uniting the nation." (ANI)