Defence Secretary Ajay Kumar (File photo)
Defence Secretary Ajay Kumar (File photo)

Chinese military reform process holds lessons for us, suggests Defence Secretary

ANI | Updated: Nov 27, 2019 12:14 IST

New Delhi [India], Nov 27 (ANI): Defence Secretary Ajay Kumar on Wednesday suggested that China's process of Military reformation holds lessons for India and asserted that the Indian Army is already in the process of large scale restructuring.
"As earlier mentioned by Gen Ahluwalia, China realised that they want to go for jointness integration and technology upgradation. Interestingly, China recognised and holds important lessons for us in this regards," he said while speaking at DEFCOM India 2019.
"The reform process of Chinese Military and the process of Informatisation and intelligisation words which are been coined in China went together and I think now we are to actually look to further use of technology and reform process," Kumar said.
Addressing the conference on defence communication, the Defence Secretary said that the Indian Army is also in the process of large scale restructuring in terms of reformation.
"Army is already in the process of taking up a large scale exercise of restructuring. I think It is very important that these processes should be taken up simultaneously. These processes should help to reinforce each other so that technology helps the process of rationalization of manpower wherever it is possible not at the cost of effectiveness and ability to strike but at the same time able to induct technology itself," the Defence Secretary said.
Kumar also talked about technology-driven wars and the role of Cyberworld and also emphasized on change and transition from Conventional wars to next-generation wars.
"I think the world has already changed, today all wars are fought very differently. Wars are how information and technology can be used," he said.
Defence Secretary Kumar also said that the CDS is an important way forward for jointness and integration. The Cyber and Defence Space Agencies have demonstrated the idea of jointness. (ANI)