LJP leader Chirag Paswan speaking to ANI on Saturday in New Delhi. Photo/ANI
LJP leader Chirag Paswan speaking to ANI on Saturday in New Delhi. Photo/ANI

Chirag Paswan demands President's Rule in Maharashtra; says asking questions from govt constitutional right

ANI | Updated: Sep 12, 2020 15:40 IST

By Pragya Kaushika
New Delhi [India], September 12 (ANI): Maharashtra is feeling the heat of Bihar polls as the death case of 'Bihari' boy Sushant Singh Rajput and "attack" on Bollywood actor Kangana Ranaut for raising questions on the state government continues to generate political responses.
Lok Janshakti Party national president Chirag Paswan has demanded the imposition of President's Rule in Maharashtra claiming the law and order situation in the state is continuing to deteriorate. He said that demolition by BMC of Ranaut's property was an act of vengeance.
Speaking to ANI, Paswan said that he is concerned about Biharis residing in the state. "People are concerned about their safety. Maharashtra is built by everyone including Kangana," the LJP leader said.
"If people are targeted like this, and this is precisely what I demanded and think, then there is no option but to impose President's rule in the state as people are afraid of the government," said Paswan.

He also alleged that Late Bala Saheb Thackeray's acumen of satire without indulging in violence is lost on Shiv Sainiks.
"The way North Indians are being targeted, the way Kangana was targeted because she asked a few questions, the way the ex-Naval officer was thrashed by alleged Shiv Sainiks because he forwarded a sketch is abhorrent. Late Bala Saheb Thackeray used to make beautiful sketches to express satire, tolerance level has gone down in his party members. Those who thrashed ex-Naval officer were let off in a few hours," Paswan said.
The LJP leader also stood firm behind Ranaut, claiming she was targeted by the state government. Chirag said that he believes it was the "death of democracy" if people are gagged from asking questions.
In a democracy, people have the right to ask questions and Ranaut was targeted for doing the same, maintained Paswan.
While avoiding any political statement on Bihar polls and keeping the cards close to his chest, Paswan did mention pulling up Bihar government and Chief Minister on various issues.
"I too ask questions from my state government and Bihar Chief Minister. Every aware citizen should ask and the government is bound to respond. Constitution gives us the right to live, earn livelihood anywhere in the country," Paswan said.
When asked whether Ranaut's support and Rajput's death case is raked up for political gains, he said, "Kangana kaun sa chunaav lad rahi hai, (which election is Kangana contesting). She has been targeted for fighting for truth. She is straight forward and blunt. This is a fight for a Bihari boy. Why is Maharashtra government afraid of questions?" (ANI)