Bangalore Archbishop Reverend Peter Machado (file photo)
Bangalore Archbishop Reverend Peter Machado (file photo)

Christian Forum for Human Rights in Karnataka expresses disagreement over proposed anti-conversion bill

ANI | Updated: Dec 05, 2021 03:00 IST

Bengaluru (Karnataka) [India], December 5 (ANI): All Karnataka United Christian Forum for Human Rights organised a peaceful assembly on the premises of St Francis Xavier Cathedral to express resentment and disagreement against the state government over the proposed anti-conversion bill.
While speaking to reporters, Archbishop of Bengaluru Reverend Peter Machado said, "We don't demand. We request the Karnataka government to withdraw the bill as this law won't bring any good. People at large, especially Christians will be affected by this."
Archbishop of Bengaluru said that the forum has faith in God and has faith in the government. "The government should know that we are hurt and the feeling of being hurt is a feeling that the government didn't trust us and that is not a good thing. I request the government to withdraw it as it won't bring any good to anyone," he said.
Reverend Machado said, "We told the government that there is no forceful conversion. If someone wants to join us, we can't throw them out and surely we follow the rules and regulations of the country. The Constitution allows propagation of religion."
"We have tried our best and sent many of our delegations with memorandums and today we expressed peacefully. Perhaps we need to think of new ways or measures to impress the government," Reverend Machado said.
"Even without the law, there have been 32 reported incidents of attacks on churches in Belagavi, Hubballi, Belur and other areas since January. If without the legislation this can happen, just imagine what will happen after passing the legislation," Machado said.
Karnataka borne Margaret Alva, who was the former Goa governor, while speaking to reporters said, "All of us have to unite and fight it. This is an assault on the Constitution of India. We are all Indian citizens and we know our rights. We are not protesting as Christians. All the communities have to come together and protest against this anti-conversion bill."
On September 21, Karnataka Home Minister Araga Jnanendra said that the government is thinking to bring anti-conversation law in the state and for that, they are reading other states' laws. (ANI)