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Zareb Vardhan speaking to ANI in New Delhi on Tuesday.
Zareb Vardhan speaking to ANI in New Delhi on Tuesday.

Class 10 student from Delhi makes face shields using 3-D printer to combat COVID-19

ANI | Updated: Jun 23, 2020 17:26 IST

By Ashoke Raj
New Delhi [India], June 23, (ANI): When most of his peers are watching television, playing video games as schools are closed due to COVID-19 outbreak, a Class 10 student of Delhi is using the time to design and make face shields using 3D printers at his home.
Zareb Vardhan has transformed his study room into a face shield production room and made his snooker table a face shield holder.
He has handed over 100 pieces of the face shield to Delhi Police Commissioner S N Shrivastav at his office on June 22 to help policemen keep COVID-19 infection at bay.
"I got the idea to make face shields When I saw one day that a cop is arguing with people without a face shield. As per the health ministry's guidelines, people should follow social distancing. But there was no social distancing at all. I thought about the policemen who are always on the duty and interact with people a lot. So, I decided to produce 3D face shields for them and the needy people," Zareb told to ANI.

Impressed with the efforts of the teenager, Shrivastava presented him a Commendation Letter and expressed his gratitude for providing 100 face shields for cops.
"On behalf of the officers and men of Delhi Police, I want to thank you for going out of your way to provide 100 face shields for use by Delhi policemen during COVID-19 for a humanitarian cause. The city of Delhi, like the rest of the world, is passing through unprecedented times, never seen before in our lifetimes," read the letter by Delhi Police Commissioner to Zareb.
"It demands all public-spirited persons to come out of your comfort zones and work for the good of the humanity. In times of difficulty - some breakdown, while others break records. Performers are born in difficult times, and not in the comfort zones. Instead of just sitting back at home, you 3 D printed the face shield and produced 100 of them at such an age speaks volume of your public spirited attitude. We express our appreciation for a very noble effort by you at a young age. I am sure you will grow up and shoulder greater responsibilities in future," it said.
Zareb said he purchased the 3D machine from his pocket money.
"I spent my remaining pocket money on the 3D machine from the market, which I recently got during the lockdown. I can make more than ten face shields in a day," he said.
The teenager is also in the process of making an advanced N-95 mask and claimed that it will be cheaper than those available in the market. (ANI)