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Coast Guard deploys faster vessels for enhanced security in Sir Creek with Pakistan

ANI | Updated: Dec 25, 2018 18:20 IST

Jakahau (Gujarat), 25 Dec 18 (ANI) Seeking to enhance its surveillance capabilities and protect against any infiltration activities from the Pakistan side in the Sir Creek area, the Indian Coast Guard today deployed two new hovercraft at its new facility in Jakhau in Gujarat.
"We have deployed two new hovercrafts which will be responsible for carrying out round the clock surveillance in the Sir Creek area, In addition, three Interceptor Vessels are also located here for the operations," Coast Guard Director General Rajendra Singh told ANI.
The Coast Guard chief was speaking to ANI after inaugurating a new hoverport at the Jakahu base which is responsible for providing security to the Sir Creek area.
Traditionally, the Sir Creek area in the Kutch district of Gujarat has been used by the infiltrators from Pakistan to enter the Indian Territory. The Creek has been a contentious issue between India and Pakistan and the 1965 war with Pakistan also saw action here.
The hovercraft operate at high speeds between 30-40 knots (around 50-60 kilometres) per hour and can be highly useful in hot pursuit of any suspicious boat or individuals in the waters around there. Since the hovercraft can operate on both sea and shores, it would be easy for the troops deployed there to catch any rogue elements there, Coast Guard officials said.
The Coast Guard chief also interacted closely with the fishermen community based around the new facility and sought to integrate them with the Coast Guard to enhance its eyes and ears in the sea for keeping an eye on any suspicious activity.
Singh provided around Rs 50,000 to the local village there for enhancing cleanliness in the surrounding areas. (ANI)