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Union Minister Arjun Munda (Image/ANI)
Union Minister Arjun Munda (Image/ANI)

Cong leader Udit Raj's remark on President Murmu shows party's mental bankruptcy: Arjun Munda

ANI | Updated: Oct 06, 2022 19:02 IST

New Delhi [India], October 6 (ANI): Union Minister Arjun Munda on Thursday hit out at Congress leader Udit Raj's remark on President Droupadi Murmu and said that it shows the party's 'mental bankruptcy' and 'shallowness'.
Udit Raj had accused President Murmu of allegedly doing 'chamchagiri' (sycophancy) when she said on Wednesday that 70 per cent of the people in the country eat Gujarat's salt.
"No country should get a President like Droupadi Murmu Ji. Chamchagiri also has its limits. She says 70 per cent of the people eat Gujarat's salt. She will get to know once she starts living by consuming salt only," Udit Raj said in his tweet in Hindi.
Union Minister Arjun Munda in an interview with ANI said, "Udit Raj's statement shows the bankruptcy of the Congress. Their mentality and tradition of coming from a political point of view and using them for their political gains have been unfortunate for the country".
He further said that the most important thing is if the President says something, then its seriousness should be understood and by making such derogatory statements, the Congress leaders are giving proof of their shallowness.

Udit Raj's remarks came days after President Murmu noted in a civic reception hosted by the Government of Gujarat in her honour in Gandhinagar on Monday that the state produces 76 per cent of the country's salt and on a lighter note said that "the salt produced in Gujarat is consumed by all Indians" (yah kaha jaa sakta hai ki sabhi deshwasi Gujarat kaa namak khate hain).
Reiterating President Murmu's statement Arjun Munda said, "Gujarat is famous for its salt production and one cannot say that the state produces iron. Jharkhand and Orissa produce iron. One should not politicise everything, as salt is the speciality of the state and is a known fact".
Union Minister Arjun Munda slammed the Congress party and called them 'depressed' and said that it is for the first time that a Tribal woman has been sworn in as the President, and it should be praised.
"It should be praised and it should be recognised that if given an opportunity, it is a very bold decision from the point of view of social harmony and also from the point of view of strengthening the internal democracy of the country", he said.
Slamming the Congress leader for his demeaning statement he said, "such statements are trying to spread intolerance and hurt the honour of the women of the country, naturally, an organisation like National Commission for Women (NCW) will also be sad".
Union Minister Arjun Munda further added that by making such statements, Congress has tried to insult all women. But I strongly condemn such statements, it is unfortunate and shows their mental bankruptcy. (ANI)