Congress corners BJP over Raj Thackeray's 'Dawood to return to India' assertion

ANI | Updated: Sep 21, 2017 20:06 IST

<p>New Delhi [India], September 21 (ANI): The <a href="/search?query=Congress">Congress</a> on Thursday cornered the <a href="/search?query=Bharatiya Janata Party">Bharatiya Janata Party</a> (BJP) over <a href="/search?query=Maharashtra Navnirman Sena">Maharashtra Navnirman Sena</a> (MNS) chief <a href="/search?query=Raj Thackeray">Raj Thackeray</a>'s assertion about underworld don <a href="/search?query=Dawood Ibrahim">Dawood Ibrahim</a>, stating that the saffron party has spoiled its image.</p><p>In a shocking statement, Thackeray revealed that Dawood was negotiating with the ruling BJP at the <a href="/search?query=Centre">Centre</a> to return to his home country.</p><p>Speaking to ANI, senior <a href="/search?query=Congress">Congress</a> leader <a href="/search?query=Anand Sharma">Anand Sharma</a> said, "The image of this government is spoiled. The BJP has created such atmosphere in India, where people are living in fear, terror and violence. India has become a country, where people are tortured and killed in the name of food and clothes."</p><p>Further taking a jibe at <a href="/search?query=Prime Minister">Prime Minister</a> <a href="/search?query=Narendra Modi">Narendra Modi</a>, Sharma said that he pleads for help from other countries.</p><p>"Rahul Gandhi has rightly talked about the ground reality of India and we abide by it. If someone has insulted India, it is none other than <a href="/search?query=Prime Minister">Prime Minister</a> Modi, who keeps pleading for help from other countries. He is the first one, who needs to apologise. And people who insult Rahul Gandhi are insulting the democracy," he said.</p><p>Earlier in the day, <a href="/search?query=Raj Thackeray">Raj Thackeray</a> shocked the country with his statement that <a href="/search?query=Dawood Ibrahim">Dawood Ibrahim</a> is planning to return to India and to spend his last days in his home country and is negotiating with the <a href="/search?query=union government">union government</a>.</p><p>Thackeray further stated, "But they (BJP) will portray it as an achievement and will take credit for this to win coming elections." (ANI)</p>