RSS leader Indresh Kumar at press conference in Pune on Tuesday
RSS leader Indresh Kumar at press conference in Pune on Tuesday

Congress is hurdle on way of Ram Temple: RSS Indresh Kumar

ANI | Updated: Jan 15, 2019 22:04 IST

Pune (Maharashtra) [India], Jan 15 (ANI): RSS leader Indresh Kumar on Tuesday said that the Congress party created hurdle on the way of Ram Temple by adopting the delay tactics in the Supreme Court.
"The Congress party adopted the delay tactics on Ram Mandir issue," said Indresh Kumar.
"The Congress celebrates Rama Navami but has given affidavit in the Supreme Court that Ram was never born and is an imaginary character. This is the biggest sin of the Congress party and they should withdraw the affidavit to get free from this sin," said Indresh Kumar.
He said that the second hurdle on way of Ram-Temple is the affidavit by the ideologically left people which says that excavation should be done on the site.
"They want that excavation should be done to find out what was there. They say that if anything related to Ram was found they will withdraw the affidavit," he said.
He said that it is the responsibility of all Indians to find solution to Ram Temple issue and Congress party is the biggest hurdle on its way.
While saying that the behaviour of some judges is the third hurdle in the way of Ram Temple.
"Instead of giving justice they have delayed it and even said that this is not the issue there are more important issues," he said. (ANI)