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Congress leader Durgesh Sharma speaking to ANI. Photo/ANI
Congress leader Durgesh Sharma speaking to ANI. Photo/ANI

Congress leaders demand strict action in MP question paper controversy

ANI | Updated: Mar 07, 2020 23:17 IST

Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh) [India], Mar 7 (ANI): Congress leaders reacting to the controversy over question paper in Madhya Pradesh State Board class 10th examination, demanded strict action against the concerned persons but also wondered if it had been done deliberately to cast aspersions on the state government.
"Whosoever set the question...set it wrong. Action should be taken against such person and government has already taken action. The person has been suspended. In the last few days, not only in this but in several exams in Madhya Pradesh, such question has been asked. This is the result of "Sanghi" thinking that cropped in Madhya Pradesh in the last 15 years. This thinking will be decimated," said Congress leader Durgesh Sharma while speaking to ANI.
"This must be investigated. The suspension is not the last punishment. Which organisation are they affiliated to? Do they have something to do with right-wing organisation? Are they people of Sangh and deliberately formulating such questions to cause trouble to the government? Use of words 'Azad Kashmir' is in a way a case of sedition. They should be given strict punishment," said Congress leader Bhupendra Gupta.
The Madhya Pradesh Board of Secondary Examination on Saturday suspended two people who set and moderated the question paper for social science of the State Board Class 10 examination that referred to Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (PoK) as Azad Kashmir.

The Board also said that the said questions will not be considered while evaluating the answer sheets.
"The Board has suspended two persons who set and moderated the Class 10 question paper in which Pakistan Occupied Kashmir has been called Azad Kashmir," Saleena Singh, Chairperson Madhya Pradesh Board of Secondary Education told ANI.
"The two questions have been cancelled. They will not be evaluated," she said while adding that they are taking the matter seriously.
Question number four in the paper gave students two lists and asked them to match the pairs with option 'C' reading - India-Pakistan war while the fifth option on the opposite side read - Azad Kashmir.
Similarly, question no 26 required candidates to mark out "Azad Kashmir" on the map of India. (ANI)