Congress meeting with Pak envoy, a 'lie being sold by PM'

ANI | Updated: Dec 10, 2017 22:09 IST

New Delhi [India], Dec 10 (ANI): The Congress Party on Sunday quashed Prime Minister Narendra Modi's claims about its leaders' "secret meeting" with Pakistani officials.

In one of his campaign rallies today, Prime Minister Modi alleged Pakistan's interference in the Gujarat elections. Claiming that Congress leader Mani Shankar Aiyar, former prime minister Manmohan Singh and former vice president Hamid Ansari met with Pakistan's High Commissioner and Foreign Minister at Aiyar's house just before the elections, the Prime Minister sought an explanation from the opposition.

Responding to the accusation, Senior Congress leader Anand Sharma told ANI the statement was highly offensive and irresponsible on the part of the Prime Minister. Dismissing the accusation as a "lie being sold by the Prime Minister", Sharma in turn accused him of making up lies to sway the votes in his favour.

"Only because he is rattled by the defeat that is staring him and the BJP in the face, he should not say such things. If he had this information, and if it is true, which is not, then it would have been an act of treason and action should have been there under law. Why is he crying there? If there is anything like that, why has he spoken now?" asked Sharma.

"The Prime Minister has made a serious allegation of anti-nationalism. He should speak after thinking. He doesn't realise the gravity of the words he has spoken," he added.

Sharma also demanded an apology from Prime Minister Modi for making the allegation.

"Narendra Modi should apologise to India National Congress party and when the Parliament opens, we will force his apology for making such an outrageous statement," he said.

Responding to the question raised on the loyalties of Congress, Sharma said that the party did not need certificate from Prime Minister Modi about its patriotism.

"India National Congress does not need any certificate from Prime Minister about its patriotism and commitment to the country. The public knows Congress fought for the country, its leaders laid their lives for the country. Indira Gandhi sacrificed her life for India's unity, and also, Rajiv Gandhi made the ultimate sacrifice; he fell victim to the forces of terrorism," Sharma said.

Singh reiterated that the BJP is losing the Gujarat Assembly election as proven from the controversial accusation of the Prime Minister. (ANI)