Congress Member of Parliament (MP) TN Prathapan. (File Photo)
Congress Member of Parliament (MP) TN Prathapan. (File Photo)

Congress MP moves motion against Sitharaman for calling Rahul Gandhi 'doomsday man of India'

ANI | Updated: Feb 13, 2021 14:54 IST

New Delhi [India], February 13 (ANI): Congress Member of Parliament TN Prathapan on Saturday moved a notice for privilege motion against Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman on her 'Doomsday man of India' remark against Wayanad MP Rahul Gandhi.
The Finance Minister had made the remark during her response to the budget debate today in Lok Sabha earlier in the day.
"Minister of Finance Nirmala Sitaraman abused Rahul Gandhi as 'Doomsday man of India', accused that Rahul Gandhi, an elected member in the house, has joined with fringe element groups and that he is demeaning the country. This is an utter breach of privilege," the notice said.
He further asked on what basis Sitaraman had accused Gandhi of being a "destructive force in the country" and said that the use of such words is an "attack on the pride and privilege of the Parliament".

"We cannot entertain a tendency of branding dissent voices and criticisms as fringe or destructive or anti-national," he added.
Sitharaman in her reply had also accused Gandhi of creating "fake" narratives on various issues and said that he is probably becoming the "Doomsday man of India".
"The veteran leader is building fake narratives identifying with the break India fringe group and is constantly abusing the constitutional heads of the nation. I am scared that the veteran leader is probably becoming 'doomsday man of India'. The Opposition is being led by the 'Doomsday man'," she said.
Sitharaman further said that the Congress leader has been constantly insulting India by not 'trusting' the nation.
"I remember what he said about the COVID-19 pandemic. I don't want to waste the time of the House by repeating the same but in summary, it was like I will continue to demean India," she had said. (ANI)