Vijender Gupta (File Photo)
Vijender Gupta (File Photo)

Conversion charges for markets dropped in local shopping centres, 81 villages declared urban: DDA

ANI | Updated: Nov 14, 2019 23:30 IST

New Delhi [India], Nov 14 (ANI): Delhi Development Authority (DDA) on Thursday took several key decisions including dropping of conversion charges for the shop-cum-residence plots, complexes and shop plots in some prominent markets in the city.
"Shop-cum-residence plots, complexes and shop plots have been exempted to pay any conversion charges. Some of the prominent markets such as G.K,-II M Block Market, Defence Colony Market, Sunder Nagar Market and about 100 such markets fall in this category," said Leader of Opposition and Member of DDA Vijender Gupta.
"These were the designated as local shopping centres (LSCs) and have been auctioned as a pure commercial on premium rates and the lease deed in such cases also specifies the use of property only for commercial use of the same. In such shop plots, residential use was permitted besides other commercial uses," he added.
Gupta on Thursday said that the Central Government has taken a giant leap forward towards implementing Prime Minister Narendra Modi's commitment to ease of doing business and generation of employment.
"A number of significant steps have been taken to facilitate forward movement in this direction. These include dropping of conversion charges in respect of about 100 markets on shop-cum-residence local shopping centres (LSCs)," said Gupta
"Doing away with red-tapism for household industrial units in residential areas, declaration of villages as the urban amalgamation of two plots up to 200 sq meters and mode of disposal of institutional category from leasehold to freehold," he added.
He expressed confidence that these modifications will go a long way in giving a fillip to Delhi's development.
These milestone decisions were taken today at DDA's Meeting.
DDA has approved major amendments providing relief to household industrial units in residential areas, said Vijender Gupta.
It will be applicable to both existing and new units. The approved amendments would lead to cut red-tapism as they would do away with statutory clearances from Labour and Industries Department as well as the Delhi Pollution Control Committee to household industrial units in residential areas.
According to an estimate, thousands of household industrial units are running in residential areas giving employment to lakhs of people.
Vijender Gupta demanded strapping of Delhi Government's High Power Committee to which all applications for giving licence to household industries in residential are pending. He said that it is a major stumbling block. MCD should be fully empowered to give licence to these industries.
"81 villages have been declared as urban under the DMC Act -1957. It will facilitate non-agricultural activities in these areas. Now, the private land policy will be applicable. The Land Reform Act, 1954 will not be applicable to these villages," said Gupta.
"The old Abadis, as well as the entire Revenue Estate of the said village have been declared as urban. All the cases pending under the Act will be withdrawn," he added.
Gupta further stated that it has been decided that allotment through auction mode for institutional category i.e. hospitals, dispensaries, nursing homes, higher or technical education institutions, community halls, clubs, schools be under freehold basis.
It will encourage entrepreneurs to go in for developmental activities as leasehold will provide them climate to invest. (ANI)