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COVID-19: Army issues instructions for those rejoining from leave; personnel to be classified as Green, Yellow, Red

ANI | Updated: Apr 20, 2020 16:50 IST

New Delhi [India], April 20 (ANI): Days after starting special trains to meet the operational requirement on northern and eastern borders during COVID-19 lockdown, the Indian Army has issued instructions for personnel rejoining from leave, temporary duty and courses.
"Broad modalities/guidelines for rejoining have been planned in a phased manner considering the numbers of individuals rejoining from leave/temporary duty/courses and the requirement for smooth reporting, quarantine and onward dispersal to units," the Indian Army said.
Personnel will rejoin only on receipt of specific instructions from units or formations that has granted leave or temporary duty.
According to the Indian Army, any individual whose leave station is within 500 km of unit/duty station is allowed to directly report to the unit using private transport only.
"Individual who do not fall within the 500 km criteria will report to nearest unit/station headquarter in private vehicle only," it said.

All personnel in the Army will be classified as Green (who have completed 14 days quarantine period), Yellow (who need to undergo 14 days quarantine period) and Red (symptomatic requiring isolation and further treatment in COVID hospital), the force said.
As per the classification, all personnel reporting back from leave, temporary duty and courses will be classified as Yellow and will undergo 14 days quarantine period at the reporting station or unit.
"These personnel will subsequently be moved from reporting station to duty station, unit in Army vehicles and special trains. In case, personnel do not move under supervision of military authorities, they will be considered Yellow and undergo 14 days quarantine again," he said.
All personnel from Nepal who are presently on leave should remain at their home stations till the situation in Nepal stabilises and the government opens the border for move of personnel. "Requisite move instructions will accordingly be passed to such personnel from their parent units/headquarters/establishments," said Indian Army.
However, these orders for reporting will not apply to in 'hotspots or containment zones'.
"Individuals in hotspots/containment zones will follow strict 'no movement' till the areas are de-notified as containment zones. The leave granting authorities will decide on the use of the exception of areas officially declared as 'hotspots, containment zones' by the central/state government." (ANI)