Visual of a mobile ICU bus of Project Ashray (Photo/ANI)
Visual of a mobile ICU bus of Project Ashray (Photo/ANI)

Covid Care facility in Hyderabad revamps its infrastructure to treat patients with mild to moderate symptoms

ANI | Updated: May 22, 2021 11:27 IST

Hyderabad (Telangana) [India], May 22 (ANI): In order to treat severe and critically ill COVID-19 patients, a Covid Care Centre named 'Project Ashray' in Hyderabad has ramped up its infrastructure to create a 100-bed capacity to treat patients with to moderate coronavirus symptoms.
The Centre was built as a Covid Care facility initially with 50 beds and now 50 more beds have been added.
Keeping in view of the prevailing pandemic situation in the state, people from various organisations have come forward and volunteered to set up 'Project Ashray' as a 100-bed facility for the COVID-19 patients.
The Covid Care Centre was inaugurated by the Commissioner of Police of Cyberabad, V C Sajjanar on May 3.
"We initially started with 50 beds and now we have 100 beds and are willing to potentially expand this facility further," said Vivek Verma, a volunteer and a team member of Project Ashray.

Many volunteers, who are leaders of various industry organisations and associations have come forward to set up Project Ashray.
While speaking to ANI, Vivek Verma said, "This Covid Care facility is more than home isolation and less than a Covid dedicated hospital. This facility is not just for someone to isolate themselves when tested positive for COVID-19, but will actually receive all the required medical care. We, currently, have a team of 15 doctors, more than 50 nurses, ample supply of oxygen, enough supply of medicine including Remdesivir wherever necessary."
"We also, in case of emergency, have an ICU with 4 beds. We also have a COVID-19 ICU bus with 2 beds and ventilators,"
Verma said that Project Ashray takes in patients with mild to moderate symptoms who need medical treatment but not in severe conditions.
"Nearly about 50 per cent of beds available have oxygen connection and further said that all medicines required for coronavirus treatment are available including Remdesivir," he asserted.
Reshma, a doctor at Project Ashray, who has been a part of this project for the last 2 weeks, said that the "Telemedicine Center receives at least over 1000 calls from the patients, out of which nearly about 40 to 50 calls get directed to Project Ashray."
Meanwhile, Telangana recorded 3,464 fresh Covid-19 cases with 25 deaths in the last 24 hours, as per the state health bulletin on Friday. (ANI)