Laughter Therapist and organiser of the crying club in Surat Kamlesh Masalawala speaking to ANI
Laughter Therapist and organiser of the crying club in Surat Kamlesh Masalawala speaking to ANI

Crying club in Surat helps to relax people

ANI | Updated: Dec 31, 2018 09:43 IST

Surat (Gujarat) [India], Dec 31 (ANI): A crying programme was organised by the Healthy Crying Club at the AC hall of a temple at Bhatar area here on Sunday for the people to vent out their feelings and relax by crying on the last day of the year.
The crying programme with the theme of "Ansu (Tears) and Muskan (Smile)", was aimed to make people feel relaxed and feel good before the starting of a New Year.
"It is said that after crying, people get a reason for laughter. We have a lot of pent up feelings stuffed inside our hearts; most of the times we keep it inside and do not express those feelings properly. Then it becomes necessary for us to vent such pent-up feelings," said Laughter Therapist and organiser of the crying club Kamlesh Masalawala.
"The main of our crying club is to make a healthy heart. If our heart is healthy, only then our body, as well as our mind, will be healthy. Therefore it is necessary to keep ourselves in a good state of health, both mentally and physically. In addition, everybody is also giving a positive reaction to this process," Masalawala added.
The Laughter therapist added that nobody should commit heinous crimes such as suicide or entering into a state of depression due to any reason. Everybody should stay fit and healthy.
When asked as for why he has kept such a theme of the crying club, Masalawala stated that both tears and smile has been provided as a gift to mankind by nature. Therefore, both of them should be acted upon together. People should know when to cry and when to laugh. If anybody wants to cry, they should never stop themselves from doing so as tears contain a chemical known as cortisol, which is harmful to the human body and so it should be released no sooner than later, otherwise one would always remain in a state of stress, tension and depression, Masalwala added.
He further added that everybody had attended the programme wearing red coloured dresses because it is considered to be a lucky and pious colour. "People can be helpful to others so it is a matter of great luck and pride for us that people are coming here and crying and venting out their pent-up feelings and emotions. We are helping them to get healthier, especially in the start of a new year," Masalawala said.
People have been visiting the crying club regularly for one year. One of such participant was Parul Parekh.
"I was very sad with the fact that my son was not intelligent and sharp. I had always felt that till the time I am with him, he is okay, but after me what will happen to him, was a question that kept striking me time and again. I was unable to cry at my home freely with constant stress that when will my child be alright. But after attending the crying club I am very much relaxed," Parekh noted.
The second participant was Jigna Dave, who came to the crying club to vent out her loneliness and pent-up emotions after leaving her native place.
"I am a native of Bhavnagar but recently shifted to Surat. I felt very lonely initially but after that, I joined this club," Dave said.
"Whatever happens to us in our lives we are never able to completely vent out feelings but by coming here I can now cry freely and relax entirely," Dave added.
The third participant of this crying club was Sarika Ganjawala, who is a working woman as well as a housewife in Surat. Ganjawala comes to the crying club on the last Sunday of every month to cry and relax.
"I am a housewife as well as a working woman. It sometimes becomes difficult for me to manage both the things at the same time. I came here and cried a lot. I am feeling better now; as if the entire stress of one year has died down. What will happen to me in the New Year I don't know. I have no stress with me right now and I am hopeful that the New Year would be bright for me," Ganjawala said.(ANI)