CPI leader D Raja speaking to ANI on Sunday. Photo/ANI
CPI leader D Raja speaking to ANI on Sunday. Photo/ANI

Defence Minister should take political parties into confidence over Ladakh stand-off, says CPI leader D Raja

ANI | Updated: Jun 14, 2020 19:53 IST

New Delhi [India], June 14 (ANI): CPI leader D Raja on Sunday urged Defence Minister Rajnath Singh to take the political parties and Opposition into confidence over the ongoing Ladakh stand-off between India and China.
"The point is, the government, Defence Minister Rajnath Singh should take political parties into confidence, Opposition into confidence because Parliament is not in session. Also, there are difficulties in convening the Parliament. In such a situation, the Defence Minister should call upon political parties and share the information and explain the government's approach," Raja said while speaking to ANI.
The CPI leader recalled how during the Doklam stand-off in 2017, the then Defence Minister had convened an all-party meeting.
"Earlier when there was a stand-off at Doklam, the then Defence Minister convened an all-party meeting and similar approach can be followed today. No need for making it government versus Opposition. It is in the country's interest," he said.
The CPI leader said that it is "quite positive" that both the countries initiated a dialogue to sort out their differences.
"It is quite positive that both India and China are talking to each other. Both expressed their willingness to discuss and sort out all differences. Both countries have shown the maturity and both countries are working together and cooperation between India and China is there in multifarious fields," he said.
"...Both countries are working in several international forums. Both countries are close neighbours and they cannot afford to continue this standoff. Both have expressed readiness to talk to each other and bring the standoff to end as early as possible," added the CPI leader.
The CPI leader further responded to Defence Minister Rajnath Singh's statement that under Prime Minister Narendra Modi's leadership Jammu and Kashmir will touch great heights and "people from the Pakistan-Occupied Kashmir will demand that they want to be part of India".
"We should point out the Defence Minister for that matter to the government, that nobody is critical of fighting ISIS, nobody is questioning the fight against terror groups but the whole issue is how to win the confidence of the people Jammu and Kashmir," Raja said.
"Nothing should be done to alienate the people of Jammu and Kashmir. Already damage has been done by abrogating Article 370, 35A, the snatching of statehood for Jammu and Kashmir, they all alienated the people," he added. (ANI)