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Delhi-based builder tries to kill in-laws with slow poison 'Thallium'

ANI | Updated: Mar 25, 2021 13:33 IST

By Ravi Jalhotra
New Delhi [India], March 25 (ANI): A Delhi-based builder has been arrested after he allegedly used Thallium poison to kill his in-laws in West Delhi's Inderpuri area.
The builder, identified as Varun Arora, was arrested by the police on Wednesday. He used to stay in Delhi's Greater Kailash area.
According to Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) West Urvija Goel, Thallium poison has been used in the past to eliminate political rivals because of its slow effect.
"Varun did google search about slow poison and then he got an idea about Thallium," Goel said.
She further said that the incident took place on January 31.
"Varun had made fish for dinner and had mixed thallium, a slow poison. He himself didn't eat fish citing a jaw pain because of enough laughter that he had after watching a comedy show. The kids in the family had milk, hence, they also didn't eat the fish prepared by him," Goel highlighted.
However, his wife, father-in-law, mother-in-law, sister-in-law and domestic help ate the fish.
"On February 3, Varun's sister-in-law, Priyanka Sharma, fell sick and later died. Varun's wife, Divya, also fell sick after the death of his sister-in-law and mother-in-law, too, got ill in March.

His wife is in coma while her mother-in-law, Anita Sharma, died on March 22. During the MLC at Sri Gangaram Hospital, it emerged that there was a presence of Thallium in the body. While Varun's father-in-law was not admitted yet he did complain of sudden hair fall," Goel said.
During the investigation, the role of Varun emerged and hence he was arrested yesterday, police said.
Varun, during interrogation, told police that he and Divya got married 12 years ago. According to Varun, his in-laws allegedly used to taunt him for not having a baby.

Four years ago, after failing to conceive naturally, Varun and his wife went for in-vitro fertilisation (IVF) process and had twins. Last year, Varun's wife conceived naturally but she underwent an abortion after doctors said her pregnancy could be life-threatening.
According to Varun's father-in-law, Devendra Sharma, Varun was angry with the abortion. When police reached the hospital to arrest Varun, he claimed that even he had eaten thallium. After the checkup, Varun got arrested.
Varun's wife, Divya, is comatose for the last 22 days. It was Divya who was first tested and later everyone also got tested for Thallium.
"On January 31, my son-in-law cooked fish for us which my wife, two daughters and I ate. On February 15, my younger daughter passed away. My elder daughter is in a coma for 22 days after Thallium found in her body, it has also been found in my body," DM Sharma, father-in-law of accused Varun Arora said.
The police are now trying to identify the place from where accused Varun procured thallium. (ANI)