A team of doctors with the minor patient and her familong along with staff of an NGO.
A team of doctors with the minor patient and her familong along with staff of an NGO.

Delhi-based hospital gives Eid gift to two Iraqi children by saving their lives

ANI | Updated: Aug 11, 2019 13:55 IST

New Delhi, 11Aug, (ANI): Going beyond boundaries and setting an example of humanity, a Delhi-based private hospital gave new lives to two children hailing from war-torn areas of Iraq.
About two weeks ago, doctors from Department of Paediatric Cardiac Sciences at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital in the national capital were contacted by two NGOs, working for people residing in war-torn areas of Erbil, the capital city of Iraqi Kurdistan.
In collaboration with an Iraq-based NGO, a Delhi NGO took the initiative to provide better treatment to both minor patients.
These non-governmental organisations were trying to help two critically ill children who were living in desperate conditions in an internally displaced person's camp at Erbil.
The health conditions of two-year-old Staish Azad Khalil and seven- years- old Naveen Yaseen were critical as both were suffering from an advanced stage of cardiac disease. The survival of both minors was difficult as they were not getting proper medical attention in war-torn Iraq.
"Taking cognisance into the matter, the NGOs contacted Sir Ganga Ram Hospital seeking help for cardiac treatment. The children were evaluated and Staish was found to have a seriously malformed heart condition where half of her heart was missing congenitally. Due to which there was a shortage of oxygen in her body. She was turning blue and was facing breathing difficulties," Dr Raja Joshi, chairman of Pediatric Cardiac Surgery, who led the team of doctors handling both cases, told ANI.
He added, "After echocardiography and cardiac catheterization studies, it was ensured that a surgical option could be offered. On July 22, we conducted the first stage of complex repair of the heart. After the surgery, Staish is stable and not facing any breathing issues. She has been discharged and asked to come back to the hospital for the last stage of surgery after four years."
Speaking about the second minor patient, Dr Joshi said, "Naveen was found to have a medically manageable problem and after successful therapy, she was deemed fit to reply."
Expressing gratitude on successful treatment of her daughter in India, Paiman Jawhar Mawlood, mother of Staish, said, "My heart is full of praise for warm hospitality given by Indian people and the hospital." She added that they are now ready to fly back to their home in Iraq to celebrate Eid with the rest of the family members.
"Such collaborative efforts between two international non-profit organisations along with the willingness of such state of the hospital are a welcome step" as reflected in the testimonial by Abdulkareem Mohammed Yaseen, Naveen's Father.
"When we contacted Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, they accepted our request. The Iraq-based NGO in consultation with Lighthouse cohort, Dubai runs a project named "Hope of heart" with the primary objective to genuinely improve timely and immediate access to tertiary health care services (with special focus on pediatric heart surgeries) for the forgotten children from conflict zones. The project is aligned with permission from the Ministry of Health in Erbil.
"Upon safe arrival of children and their families to India, along with Iraq-based NGO staff for medical services, they were warmly welcomed by the Diya India team who also took care of local transport, food and lodging," project coordinator at BHHF Aishwarya said.
She informed that Naveen has left for Iraq with her father while Staish is here with her mother and will leave soon after all documentation work. (ANI)