Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal (File photo)
Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal (File photo)

Delhi govt decides to take over management of Apeejay School

ANI | Updated: Jul 28, 2021 20:43 IST

New Delhi [India], July 28 (ANI): Delhi government's Directorate of Education on Wednesday decided to issue a show-cause notice for taking over the management of Apeejay School in Sheikh Sarai after the school repeatedly failed to comply with multiple orders of the Delhi government asking it to roll-back its unjustified fee hike.
The meeting of the Directorate of Education was presided over by Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and Deputy Chief Minister and Education Minister Manish Sisodia.
Kejriwal approved the proposal of the Directorate of Education to take over the management of the school. The decision was sent to Lieutenant Governor Anil Baijal.
Sisodia assured the parents that the Delhi Government stands with them and will not let any kind of injustice prevail.

"The Directorate of Education had conducted an inspection of the financial statement of the school for fiscal years 2012-2013 to 2018-2019; after a detailed inspection of the records, the department found that the total funds for the year 2018-2019 amounted to Rs. 49,72,45,586 of which the expenditure was estimated to be Rs. 18,87,02,422 implying that there was a net surplus of Rs. 30,85,43,164 upon which the department concluded that the school had no actual need to increase the fees of the school," read the release by the Delhi government.
In the same regard, the directorate refused to accept the proposed fee structure of the school for academic sessions 2018-2019 and 2019-2020.
The directorate then issued notices to the school, asking them why the recognition of the school should not be canceled or why the government should not take over the management of the school, read the release.
The directorate issued several notices to the school, asking them to stop charging the increased fee and submit a reply which the school did not.
The school had approached the High Court against the directorate's order however, the High Court endorsed the Directorate of Education's order asking the school to roll back the increased fees, the Delhi government said. (ANI)