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Delhi Police arrests a man for selling chinese manjha

ANI | Updated: Aug 15, 2022 19:09 IST

New Delhi [India], August 15 (ANI): Delhi police on Sunday arrested a man for allegedly selling Chinese manjha in West Delhi's Nihar Vihar area.
The accused has been identified as Ashok Kumar, a resident of Nihar Vihar who runs a general shop.
According to Deputy Commissioner of Police Outer Sameer Sharma, the beat staff was patrolling the beat area on August 14 around 04:00 pm, when they came across a shop in front of Shiv Ram Park, Nihal Vihar, Delhi, which had illegal Chinese manjha in it.
After further investigation, the whereabouts of the Shopkeeper were found. The owner of the shop was found to be Ashok Kumar, Nihal Vihar, Delhi, aged 48 years.
During the search of the shop premises, a total of 170 bundles of Chinese manjha was recovered from the shop.

After the manjha was discovered a case was registered against him under U/s 188 IPC & 7/15 Environment Protection Act was registered in PS Nihal Vihar and the above-accused was arrested.
During sustained interrogation, he disclosed that he runs a tea shop and in greed of earning money and making ends meet, he was dealing in selling illegal Chinese Manjha in the area of Nihal Vihar.
Deaths have been reported in Delhi previously due to the Chinese manjha.
A man traveling on Saturday, from Delhi to Ghaziabad with his wife and a child on a motorbike, died as a (kite thread) slit his throat.
According to the police, a man, named Vipin Kumar (34), was riding his motorbike, with his wife and a daughter as a pillion when a kite thread got entangled around the man's neck and slit his throat till the time he could stop his vehicle.
A video of the incident also surfaced in which Vipin's throat is slit and he is in pain in a pool of blood. After the incident, an ambulance took him to the trauma center but he could not be saved. Delhi Police initiated an investigation into the matter by registering an FIR under the relevant sections. (ANI)