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Delhi Police arrests accused in kidnapping and extortion case

ANI | Updated: Oct 03, 2019 14:53 IST

New Delhi [India], Oct 3 (ANI): Delhi police have arrested a man accused of taking Delhi based loan commission agent as a hostage and extorting money for his release, Delhi Police officials said on Thursday.
The victim was later released after a ransom amount of 15 thousand rupees was paid by his family members, following which the family filed a complaint.
"On September 3 a Delhi based loan commission agent namely Gurdeep Singh was kidnapped from Delhi. He was kept hostage and robbed in Nuh district in Mewat, Haryana after he was called by the accused persons for a loan query. After robbing the victim, accused persons demanded the ransom money of Rs. 10 lacs from the family but later released him on payment of 15 thousand rupees" said police in a statement.
To nab the culprits involved in the incident, Delhi police formed a dedicated team and started tracking number and gathering intelligence through local informants.
The information finally led to the capture of one suspect named Shamim (24 years).
The accused during interrogation revealed he was also named in a gang rape case and many other such kidnapping and extortion cases in which similar modus operandi was used by him and his gang, the police said.
"He is a poly technique diploma holder and mastermind of the gang in which there are a total of five accomplices. Mobile phones, used by accused for the ransom calls, have been recovered from his possession. The apprehended suspect Shamim is being arrested," the release added. (ANI)