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Delhi Police finds girlfriend guilty of throwing chemical on victim in Vikaspuri

ANI | Updated: Jun 16, 2019 23:02 IST

New Delhi [India], June 16 (ANI): The Delhi Police have solved the chemical attack case and found that the victim's girlfriend was the one who threw chemical on his face on June 11 in Vikaspuri area of the national capital.
"Police received the information from DDU Hospital in Police Station in Vikas Puri, that a 24-year-old man has been admitted with burns on his right side face, neck and chest. The police immediately rushed to the hospital. He was shifted to RML Hospital for further medical treatment," the police said.
The police said, "The victim informed the police that the attack took place in Vikaspuri when he was coming back from Alipur on a scooty. Someone hurled some hot substance on his face, causing burn injuries. He suspected the role of old friends of his girlfriend."
"The victim's girlfriend also sustained injuries in the attack. Initially, it was not clear what has been thrown on the victims. On the statement of the victim, a case was registered and an investigation was taken up," the police added.
The police further said, "During the initial interrogation behaviour of victim's girlfriend was found suspicious. Efforts were made to obtain CCTV footages of the area. Technical surveillance was mounted, but there was no lead."
"The complainant was counseled again and he informed that just before the incident, he was asked by his girlfriend to remove the helmet, as it was disturbing her. Moments after he removed his helmet, someone hurled some hot substance on his face. When the woman was interrogated several times she misled the police officials. However, on June 16 after several rounds of interrogation, she broke down and confessed her guilt," the police added.
The police said, "On interrogation, accused disclosed that she was in a relationship with the victim for the last 3 years. However, he was insisting on a breakup, whereas she was adamant on marrying him. She decided to throw some chemical on his face to leave him no other choice, except to marry her. She purchased a bottle of house cleaning chemical."
"On a fateful day, she carried the chemical in her purse in a plastic bottle and planned to throw it on the face of the victim. However, the victim was wearing a helmet, so she did not get a chance. Near Ganda Nallah in Vikas Puri, she asked him to remove the helmet, as the strap of the helmet was disturbing her. Moments after he removed the helmet, she hurled the chemical on his face," the police added.
During this incident, she also sustained minor burn injuries. She disclosed that she committed the offense as she wanted to marry the victim and she was confident that the victim will not have any suspicion on her."
The accused has been arrested and produced before the court. The opinion is being taken from doctors regarding the name and nature of the chemical. (ANI)