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Delhi Police gives Remdesivir, Covid medical resources to needy hospitals, care centres

ANI | Updated: May 03, 2021 23:20 IST

New Delhi [India], May 3 (ANI): The Delhi Police on Monday took steps to supply Remdesivir and other Covid medical resources to needy hospitals and care centres during the Covid pandemic.
Even as the crackdown continues on black-marketing and hoarding of critical Covid medicines and essential articles of medical use, Delhi Police is taking immediate steps to release the seized articles for public good. Lifesaving injections, medicines, oxygen and equipment like oxygen concentrators are being released to hospitals and care centres for use by needy patients.
So far, 86 Remdesivir injections, used for critical care in high lungs infection, have been released to hospitals that include Sanjay Gandhi Memorial Hospital, BSA Hospital, Deepchand Bandhu Hospital, Park Hospital, Kailash Hospital, CDMO, Terapanth Chhatarpur, Rohini Covid Care Centre and DDMA North.

90 Fabipiravur tablets have been given to Deepchand Bandhu Hospital on the orders of DC North. Over 100 Remdesivir injections are in the process of being released, awaiting orders from authorities concerned.
70 oxygen cylinders have been released to institutions that include the official in charge of DDMA West district, CDMO Terapanth Ansari Hospital, World Brain Centre Hospital, Aarya Hospital, Bhagat Chandra Hospital in south west district. 140 oxygen cylinders freshly seized are in the process of being released.
170 Oxygen concentrators seized by north district police have been released to AIIMS (60), CAPF Hospital (40) and Covid Care Centres while over 100 concentrators seized by Outer North district and others are in the process of release. In the same manner, 66 Oxygen flow meters, 24 oxygen regulators and 63 pulse oxymeters have been released. 18 oxygen pumps and 28 oxygen flow meters are in the pipeline for release.
Over 190 Remdesivir injections seized by various police teams were found to be fake. The Crime Branch has busted a fake Remdesivir manufacturing unit at Kotdwara, Uttarakhand and arrested seven persons. Over 2,000 fake Remdesivir injections had already come to market from this unit, investigations have revealed.
Delhi Police Special Commissioner, Western Zone Sanjay Singh tweeted, "Strict action is being taken against #BlackMarketing #Cheating and #Hoarding in the #WesternZone. 28 cases registered 39 ppl arrested 47 #Remdesivir vials 18 #OxygenCylinders and 115 #OxygenConcentrators seized #HumanityFirst #StrongerTogether #NeedOverGreed". (ANI)