Delhi Police spokesperson Chinmoy Biswal speaking to ANI in New Delhi on Friday. [Photo/ANI]
Delhi Police spokesperson Chinmoy Biswal speaking to ANI in New Delhi on Friday. [Photo/ANI]

Delhi Police intensifies security arrangements ahead of Independence Day

ANI | Updated: Aug 13, 2021 17:11 IST

New Delhi [India], August 13 (ANI): Ahead of Independence Day celebrations, Delhi Police have intensified security arrangements in the national capital by deploying police forces and commandos across Delhi according to a security plan chalked out with the coordination of State governments and security agencies.
Delhi Police spokesperson Chinmoy Biswal while speaking to ANI over the security arrangements said, "There are certain preparations that we do as per various inputs. Apart from that, the Delhi Police with the cooperation of State governments and security agencies has made a security plan and forces have been deployed."
"I would also like to mention that our force has been deployed and barricades have been placed at all the borders of Delhi, not only those where people are protesting but also all the motorable, non-motorable roads, highways and other routes in the national capital," said Biswal while responding to a question on what arrangements have the Delhi Police made to avoid any untowardly incident similar to the one which took place last year amid the farmer's protest.
"We are frisking all the persons, vehicles entering the national capital. No anti-social, anti-national elements shall be allowed to enter the capital city," said the Delhi Police spokesperson.
He informed that an interstate coordination meeting was held with the police forces of neighbouring states and all security arrangements have been beefed up with their coordination.
Biswal further said, "We also take into consideration all the inputs that we get from social media and other related platforms. Even if any incident takes place in other parts of the country, we include that too in our security calculations and formulate security plans and arrangements accordingly and try to improvise them as much as possible and stay alert."
Responding to a question on drone attacks in Kashmir and their preparations to handle similar threats, Biswal said, "All aerial vehicles, balloons or other such objects have been prohibited from flying in the sky for which the police had issued a notice and it has been circulated through advertisements on various mediums. Also, kite-flying in the national capital is not allowed till the time the Independence Day function takes place."
"We have deployed well-trained commando forces at various locations across Delhi to tackle any threats. We are prepared to leave no room for any suspicious activity," he added.
Meanwhile, a high-level meeting of top officials of Delhi Police is underway to discuss a new intelligence alert about miscreants who could try to infiltrate the security at the Red Fort on August 15.
"A high-level meeting of the top officials of the Delhi Police is underway. The agenda of the meeting is August 15 security and to discuss the fresh intelligence alert shared by the agencies," sources told ANI.
Sources further stated that as per the fresh alert, "miscreants and those with ideological leanings towards the Khalistani movement could portray themselves as Delhi Police personnel and try to infiltrate the Red Fort security".
"An attempt could also be made to create a law and order situation at various religious sites in Delhi," sources added. (ANI)