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Delhi Police solves 10-year-old's kidnapping and murder case, nabs accused

ANI | Updated: Dec 26, 2020 00:04 IST

New Delhi [India], December 26 (ANI): The Delhi Police has claimed to have solved the kidnapping and gruesome murder of a ten-year-old boy, with the arrest of a suspect who was allegedly known to the victim's family, it said on Friday.
As per the police, the accused Bittu was arrested, after the victim's mother filed a complaint alleging that her son, who had gone to a grocery shop, did not return. Following this, she searched for her son at relatives' places but did not find him.
"Initially during the course of the investigation, it was revealed that there was some family dispute over the custody of children between parents of victim boy. Parents of the victim are living separately and they frequently quarelled over the custody of the boy," the police said in a press release.
However, a highly decomposed body of a boy was found on December 24, following which, the parents of the missing boy were also called in to identify the body. During the interrogation of parents, a new angle came to light, after which Bittu was arrested. He was initially denying any information of the victim, the police said.

"On his sustained interrogation, and detailed analysis, the team succeeded to break him down and a horrific story was revealed that the accused Bittu was attached with the mother of the deceased boy since his childhood and wanted to marry her, but parents of girl fixed her marriage with another person. Accused Biitu got depressed and after her marriage," the police added.
As per the police, on November 28, the accused was near the Sanjay Colony, Bhati Mines here when he saw the boy heading towards the market. He then asked the boy to accompany him to the jungle to eat berries.
Giving details of the alleged crime, the police added, "Accused Bittu used to watch CID and after getting ideas from there, he planned the kidnapping and murder of the boy. "
" Accused Bittu took him to bus stand Fatehpur Beri towards jungle way and told him that he will purchase new clothes for him. He took the boy to Maidan Garhi in a Gramin Seva, from where he took him in the jungle on feet, where as per his plan he strangulated him with his 'GAMCHHA' and threw the dead body in the muddy pond," the police added.
It added, "He immediately came back at the house of the lady and showed his sympathy on missing of her son and helped her in searching the boy. On next day he again went into the jungle at Maidan Garhi, where he threw the dead body of Shivam and noticed that the dead body was visible in the pond. He again took the dead body in the jungle and hid it under the stones and immediately went to the petrol pump Dera Mod and purchased petrol of Rs. 50 and again went to spot of murder and tried to burn the body, but because of wet cloths & less quantity of petrol he could not succeed in burning the dead body." (ANI)