The event was organised under the theme “ANGAYUNG MAJONKHUI LUISA”, meaning “revitalizing the root”. Photo/ANI
The event was organised under the theme “ANGAYUNG MAJONKHUI LUISA”, meaning “revitalizing the root”. Photo/ANI

Delhi: Tangkhul Naga tribe observes 16th Yarthot Kazip to welcome freshers in capital

Arim Sky Zimik | Updated: Sep 30, 2019 20:22 IST

By Arim Sky Zimik
New Delhi [India], Sept 30 (ANI): Tangkhul Katamnao Long, Delhi (TKLD), a student union recently offered a warm welcome and organised the 16th edition of "Yarthot Kazip", the fresher's meet at Talkatora Stadium.
The gathering was attended by 3000 people from the community which was organised under the theme --"ANGAYUNG MAJONKHUI LUISA", meaning "revitalizing the root".
Present at the event, Robin Hibu Tamang, Additional Commissioner, Special Police Unit for North Eastern Region (SPUNER) said, "Our job is to guide them and ensure their safety. The event builds connections among them and the already existing members of the tribes."
"By giving a platform dedicated to the newcomers, the student union continues to strengthen and consolidate the fraternity, unity, and integrity of the community", he added.
Among the many other Naga tribes living in the city, the Tangkhul Naga of Manipur is listed as a community which receives the highest count of newcomers every year.
Masotmi, TKLD president said, "Through this event, we try to promote our culture and tradition. We also welcome the fresher's with awareness and this year we made it more student-centric."
The speakers at the event, Soso Shaiza and Standhope Yuhlung gave food for thought to the newcomers. Also present at the event was KH Siile Anthony who spoke on the achievements and success of the Tangkhul community.
The fun day-long event witnessed a huge footfall fan gathering where a short play based on a mother's love and addiction to gadgets among the young generation was also staged.
A fresher named Ramsem Ningshen added, "It is an exciting day for us. Being a fresher, I am not very familiar with the city and not very confident but I am thankful to the union for organising this event to strengthen us all." (ANI)