Visual from Shanti Mukund Hospital. (Photo/ANI)
Visual from Shanti Mukund Hospital. (Photo/ANI)

Delhi's Shanti Mukund hospital chief breaks down, says only two hours of oxygen supply left

ANI | Updated: Apr 22, 2021 19:49 IST

New Delhi [India], April 22 (ANI): Delhi's Shanti Mukand Hospital chief Dr Sunil Saggar broke into tears on Thursday saying that they have only two hours of oxygen supply left.
Talking to ANI, Saggar said he had told doctors to discharge patients who can be discharged. Stating that 110 people are on oxygen support, he broke down saying that patients would die if they come here as they did not have oxygen.
"Our oxygen stock has almost finished. Because of the COVID situation, the demand has increased. In a normal patient, we give 2, 4 or 6 litres of oxygen but when a patient of COVID comes we may have to give 14, 15 litres or 18 litres depending upon the severity of the disease," said Saggar.

"We have 110 patients on oxygen: 12 on ventilators and 85 on more than 5 litres per minute oxygen. Apart from this, there are other cancer patients and cardiac patients. It will be an unfortunate condition. As a doctor, we should give them life and we cannot even give oxygen. If a patient comes here, they will die," the CEO said breaking into tears.
The hospital started discharging its patients and stopped admitting new patients.
Relatives of patients are also worried about the decision of the hospital administration.
"Doctors are saying that if govt provides O2 on time, then we don't have to discharge the patient. My father is a Covid patient and was admitted yesterday. We request the govt to supply O2 on time," said Rohit, son of a COVID patient
Currently, the AAP government has approached the Delhi High Court stating that Saroj Hospital and Shanti Mukund Hospital will run out of oxygen soon and that supply was being stopped by Uttar Pradesh and Haryana. (ANI)