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Residents of Baljarrallan with their produce (file photo/ANI)
Residents of Baljarrallan with their produce (file photo/ANI)

Demand of organic vegetables prompted Rajouri farmers for organic farming

ANI | Updated: Aug 18, 2022 20:57 IST

Rajouri (Jammu and Kashmir) [India], August 18 (ANI): The residents of Baljarrallan in Dhangri block Rajouri have adopted organic farming to increase productivity and grow pest-free vegetables, which helps them to lead a better life.
Switching to organic farming has come to them as a boon, as the whole community has benefitted from it. The area has been growing organic vegetables for some time now, and has also started reaping the benefits of it.

Farmers cultivate vegetables like bitter gourd, ladyfinger, gourd, cucumber and brinjal in abundance to create good revenue to lead a peaceful life.
A local of the area mentioned he has been in agriculture for the past 20-22 years. He stated that the demand for organic vegetables has increased over the years and hence switching to organic farming has been profitable. He quoted his annual income as around 5 lakhs by selling vegetables grown by him.
Mentioning about the technicalities that come with organic farming, he said it is a bit technical and good knowledge along with proper equipment is required to execute it and hence is not everyone's cup of tea. Further informed that his children are also interested in it and he is training them to make them sufficient in it as this acts as a source of employment and will help his children lead a good life.
Another resident of the village also re-iterated the benefits he has had with organic farming. Recalling how his earlier production of maize would leave him with no profit, he mentioned now he is able to sell multiple vegetables like spinach, reddish and turnip with decent profits.
The move of switching to organic farming has changed the lives of the residents of Baljarrallan village and is a testimony that farming is now changing and farmers should ride this wave of change for their benefit. (ANI)