Shrine of Hazrat Mir Syed Yaqoob Sahib (Photo/ANI)
Shrine of Hazrat Mir Syed Yaqoob Sahib (Photo/ANI)

Devotees in J-K's Srinagar observe Urs of Hazrat Mir Syed Yaqoob Sahib

ANI | Updated: Nov 24, 2021 04:50 IST

Srinagar (Jammu and Kashmir) [India], November 24 (ANI): The annual Urs of Hazrat Mir Syed Yaqoob Sahib (RA) was observed in Jammu and Kashmir's Srinagar on Tuesday.
Several devotees gathered at the shrine of Hazrat Mir Syed Yaqoob Sahib in Sonwar, Srinagar to offer prayers. A special prayer was organised at the shrine, which has immense importance as per religious and historical point of view.

Zahid Ahmad Sofi, a devotee at the shrine told ANI, "People who are suffering from various problems, if they come and sit at the shrine for even a minute or two, then their wishes will come true. Many people participate in the prayer every year and pay their tribute to the revered Sufi saint."
A religious scholar, Maulana Shareef-ud-u-din, who also paid tribute to the famous Sufi saint, reiterated that the people have their faith in Hazrat Mir Syed Yaqoob Sahib and their wishes are heard.
"For years, people have been coming here. They feel satisfied," he said.

Hazrat Mir Syed Yaqoob Sahib is known in the valley for his religious and social services. He played a tremendous role in spreading Islam and teaching people the moral values of humanity, love and peace. Kashmir is popularly known as a valley of Sufis and saints.
"When we come here (at the shrine), we feel secure. We pray for the COVID-19 pandemic to end soon and bring the world back to normal," said Faizan Ahmad, a devotee.
Ejaz Ahmad Shah, who was also among the hundreds that turned up at the shrine, said that people feel peaceful here. He also urged people to visit the shrine and experience themselves.
"Hazrat Mir Syed Yaqoob Sahib worked towards humanity," he said.

Suman Kathora, a Hindu devotee said, "Everyone comes here despite the religious background. I feel at peace here. Even the ailing gets well here. Everyone is troubled due to the pandemic. I pray for everyone's good health." (ANI)