DGP Vaid lauds security forces for restoring peace in Valley

ANI | Updated: Dec 02, 2017 00:07 IST

New Delhi [India], December 2 (ANI): Jammu and Kashmir, Director General of Police (DGP) SP Vaid on Friday credited the valour of the security forces and the effective working of the intelligence network for leaving no stone unturned in restoring tranquillity in the Valley.

Vaid also credited the people of Kashmir for making equal efforts to normalise the situation in the Valley.

Speaking to ANI, on the current situation in Kashmir, Vaid said "I would like to thank and give credit to martyrs of Indian Army, Jammu and Kashmir Police, CRPF officials and all other forces, especially also those involved in these forces, who work day and night to maintain peace and tranquillity in Jammu and Kashmir".

"Our team used to take immediate action on precise and pin-pointed information given to us at any time. And efforts used to be made for no collateral damage. It is a result of an effective intelligence network and good coordination, that thing have changed so much in the state," he said.

Further thanking the people of Kashmir, Vaid said "everybody in the Valley are fed up with the fear of guns, terror and violence. It has ruined everyone's life. People have realized that the soon peace returns it is better."

Also, pointing over the stone pelting incidents in the Valley, Vaid said the occurrence of the same has reduced over time and that communication is replacing violence in Kashmir.

Further critising the misuse of social media in Kashmir, DGP stated, "Social media has played an important role in Kashmir; earlier it was misused a lot in the state but now things are in control and managed well. Especially, through social media our young boys used to be misled".

"Social media is very powerful in connecting with youth and people at large. Also communication too has a helping hand in it. Everyone in Jammu and Kashmir police are trying to get social on media so that new ways and means can be reached too to combat the violence there," he added.

Finally when questioned over the terrorist coming back to families and its merits/demerits attached to it, Vaid asserted that "this act is a good one and should be taken on a positive attitude. (ANI)