Congress leader Digvijaya Singh speaking to media on Thursday.
Congress leader Digvijaya Singh speaking to media on Thursday.

Digvijaya Singh alleges political patronage to Vikas Dubey, seeks judicial inquiry

ANI | Updated: Jul 09, 2020 20:47 IST

New Delhi [India], July 9 (ANI): Congress leader Digvijaya Singh on Thursday demanded an inquiry headed by a sitting judge of Supreme Court into whether gangster Vikas Dubey, who was arrested earlier today from Madhya Pradesh, had any political patronage.
He said Uttar Pradesh Police could not trace him for several days.
"How can a gangster roam free without political patronage? How he was getting bail, how the police were informing him? After committing such a big crime, how he was not caught by the police? The same police which found the information regarding 1,000 buses arranged by Priyanka Gandhiji, the same police for five days could not find this gangster. What does it mean? There should be a judicial inquiry, a special investigation team of Uttar Pradesh police should be formed. The investigation should be done under a sitting judge of the Supreme court," Singh told reporters.
He was asked if Vikas Dubey was getting political patronage.
The Congress leader also raised questions on Madhya Pradesh police taking credit for the arrest of the gangster.
"A person, who is a gangster, goes for darshan in day time at Mahakaal Mandir without carrying any weapon. What will you say on this? There was a security agency of a BJP MP. He (Vikas Dubey) disclosed his identity to a person from the security agency. Then a local police constable came and he was taken away. what is the Madhya Pradesh police taking credit for?" he asked.
Singh said the way UP police were doing encounter of his associates, Dubey was "scared of that".
"So he came to Faridabad in Haryana. He hoped that he would surrender in Haryana. UP police went there and one person was arrested but he managed to escape. After that, I think via Morena he went to Madhya Pradesh. Then whomsoever he had spoken to...he went to Mahakaal Mandir without any weapon in the daytime and disclosed his identity. Then a police constable came and took him away without handcuffs. Is it possible that any gangster does such a thing?" he asked
Asked if he surrendered due to fear of encounter, Singh said, "Yes, 100 per cent".
Dubey was arrested by the police from Ujjain in Madhya Pradesh today morning.
He is the main accused in the encounter that took place in Kanpur last week, in which a group of assailants opened fire on a police team, which had gone to arrest him. Eight police personnel were killed in the incident. (ANI)