Villagers marrying dolls in Wardha's Shivanfal village. Photo/ANI
Villagers marrying dolls in Wardha's Shivanfal village. Photo/ANI

Doll marriage brings villagers together in face of drought, financial crisis in Maharashtra

ANI | Updated: Jun 22, 2019 19:24 IST

Wardha (Maharashtra) [India], June 22 (ANI): A doll marriage brought the people of Shivanfal together to pray for rain when drought and the acute financial crisis have hit the village.
Not a single marriage has taken place in the village this year, while festivities have been put on hold. So, the villagers decided to contribute money and marry two dolls instead. It was a huge celebration, with music, revelries and a feast.
"The entire village is struggling with an acute financial crisis but the doll marriage brought us together. We resolved that we will contribute money and marry our kids if the same situation ever reoccurs," said Babban Khonde, a villager.
Several parts of Maharashtra are in the grip of drought due to delayed monsoon rains. While the state government has promised support, many are yet to benefit from the schemes.
"22 people were supposed to marry this year but due to drought, nobody has any money. We are struggling here. This marriage comes as an opportunity and a lesson. We will help each other in the same manner to organise collective marriages if needed," said Geeta Garghot, another villager.
At the doll marriage, the villagers also prayed to god for a good monsoon rain this year. (ANI)