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e-yAna service launched in Hyderabad to reduce carbon footprint (Photo/ANI)
e-yAna service launched in Hyderabad to reduce carbon footprint (Photo/ANI)

'e-yAna' taxi service introduced in Hyderabad to reduce carbon footprints

ANI | Updated: Dec 12, 2019 03:07 IST

Hyderabad (Telangana) [India], Dec 12 (ANI): In a bid to combat pollution in the city, electric autos and bikes service 'e-yAna' has been introduced in Hyderabad which is a True Green First Exclusive Fleet Service of the city launched to reduce the carbon footprint.
Sandeep, Managing Director of e-yAna told ANI said, "Prior to coming into the e-mobility sector, we were serving the solar industry for the last 10 years. Our team majorly focuses on bringing innovations in the new technology. As part of our new innovation, we have done a detailed study in the e-mobility sector."
"We operate and own e-autos as well as e-bikes and we are trying to generate employment opportunities as the drivers will be working with us as our partners.
The customers are charged on per ride or per kilometres basis depending on the market scenario.
"We are trying to enter into Warangal and Karimnagar cities. People are really looking forward to such initiatives through an app-based platform. We have developed our own app. The beauty of our initiative or product is the batteries which are going to charge via solar power. After the ride, the customer will receive a note featuring the number of CO2 savings, so that customer feels proud that they have helped the future generation by reducing air pollution" said Sandeep.
TG Vashista, a resident and a doctorate said eYana is a great initiative and he personally has a desire to do something like this.
"These people have come up with a great idea which shall be very helpful to us and also the future generations. To promote these kinds of initiatives the Government must launch portable charging stations at every petrol and diesel stations," he added.
"This is a very helpful step in the present market scenario. Nearly two lakh vehicles are brought into the market every month in each state. We can calculate the amount of consumption of resources and also the pollution caused by them. It is a great initiative and we support it," said Mahender Reddy, a resident. (ANI)