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Former Nagaland Chief Minister SC Jamir (Photo/Narendra Modi twitter)
Former Nagaland Chief Minister SC Jamir (Photo/Narendra Modi twitter)

Eastern areas of Nagaland require special attention, says former CM SC Jamir

ANI | Updated: Jan 29, 2023 23:45 IST

Kohima (Nagaland) [India], January 29 (ANI): Former Nagaland Chief Minister and former Maharashtra Governor SC Jamir on Sunday demanded a 'frontier state' for the eastern areas of the Nagaland on the demands of Eastern Nagaland People's Organization (ENPO).
He said that eastern areas require special attention for development, as they lack development in the areas of road communication, education and healthcare system.
Talking to ANI at his residence in Dimapur, Jamir said, "The formation of Nagaland was decided by the representatives of the then Tuensang Frontier Division and the then Naga Hills of Assam or the 16 tribes of Nagaland, who thought of having a separate state of its own."
"Accordingly the State of Nagaland was created through the unanimous efforts of the 16 tribes of the Tuensang Frontier Division and the Naga Hills of Assam," he added.
He said that in the coming days, the eastern areas are going to be important when the Look East Policy or Act East Policy is fully matured, and thus we have to hasten the speed of development in those areas.
The former Nagaland CM said that the eastern areas have remained unadministered for a very long and several issues need attention.

"The eastern areas were unadministered for a long period of time. The area has a lot of problems in development, infrastructure, and administration. There has been a little bit of development in the Mokokchung and Kohima districts, which were under the British administration, especially on the front of literacy, but Tuensang Frontier Division (which they now call ENPO) has remained isolated from the rest of the country.
He accused the Nagaland government of not paying enough attention to the matter.
"It would be best if the Nagaland government would have taken up the real problem of the ENPO during the 5-6 year tenure. Talking to Delhi alone will not bring a concrete solution. Today, it seems as if the Nagaland Government has totally bypassed its own government, as they are discussing the issues completely outside the purview of the Nagaland Government," further said.
Commenting further, he said that he has no idea if the centre is acting on the Frontier State demand by the ENPO.
"As a Naga and as a member of the same family, the Central Government should ensure that the unity and solidarity of the state are maintained. But at the same time the special framework in negotiation or development can be thought of," he said.
The ENPO has been demanding a separate Frontier State before the Assembly elections.
The Assembly Elections in Nagaland are slated to be held on February 27. The results will be declared on March 2. (ANI)