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Superintendent Fever Hospital Dr Shankar (Photo/ANI)
Superintendent Fever Hospital Dr Shankar (Photo/ANI)

Elderly people, young children should take serious precautions this winter, says Doctors

ANI | Updated: Dec 13, 2022 03:44 IST

Hyderabad (Telangana) [India], December 13 (ANI): As Hyderabad faces chilly weather this winter season, doctors suggest that senior citizens should avoid morning walks to protect themselves during this season and advise them to take adequate precautions.
The Superintendent of Fever Hospital Dr Shankar, said, "There is a lot of change in weather for the last two days as there are some rains. The temperature is also dropping. There might be an increase in the intensity of the virus in this season. There is an increase in the number of asthma patients. Dust allergies and skin problems are also increasing. Children and pregnant women are falling sick. While going for morning walks, old people might get some problems. Some cases of malaria and typhoid are also being observed."
He further said that people should take precautions like wearing monkey caps protecting their ears and noses.

"People should take precautions like wearing monkey caps protecting ears and noses. Woollen clothes like sweaters should be used. Hand gloves can also be used. Pregnant women, children, old age people and people with Hypertension, Diabetes, Kidney and asthma should take special precautions," said Dr Shankar.
Dr Kondal Reddy, the professor of medicine said, "The trend of dengue fevers has come down. We are getting cases of respiratory illness, soar throat, running nose and low-grade fever. Most patients are getting treated with routine medicine without using any antibiotics. Most children are getting the respiratory illness. The elder people and young people below the age of 5, should be more cautious and prevent them from getting diseases. People of more than 60 years should try to be indoors and avoid morning walks."
Dr Kondal Reddy said that patients with heart diseases might have precipitation of heart attacks. Viral pneumonia will also be on a rise.
"Young children should be kept away from any diseased individual. Regular immunization should be followed for elders and children. The number of dengue patients has come down. The government has also taken steps by providing adequate medication. The hospital is also educating the people along with giving them medications," said Dr Kondal Reddy. (ANI)