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Expert warns COVID-19 positive children should not be exposed to radiation, unnecessary medications

ANI | Updated: Jan 18, 2022 20:19 IST

By Shalini Bhardwaj
New Delhi [India], January 18 (ANI): As the third wave of the COVID pandemic raises concern of infection among children, an expert has suggested that there is no need to panic as the Omicron, Variant of Concern, is mild, but have asked to avoid unnecessary medications and radiation exposure.
Prof Anupam Sibal, Group Medical Director and Senior Pediatrician are of the opinion that children do not need X rays or radiations.
"Parents ask us for D dimers and CRP; that's really not needed. Children do not need X rays. They definitely don't need CT scans. We don't want to expose children to radiation. We don't want to expose children to radiation," he said.
Dr Sibal also opined that Omicron is mild and in most cases, children get better by the fourth day.

"So, what we now know in terms of Omicron is that children tend to get a very mild infection. They get a bit of fever that can go up to 103 degrees Celsius. Sometimes, more typically, the fever starts to settle by the third day or by the fourth day," he said while adding that the child may experience an inch in the throat, irritation, cough, nasal blockage, or some kids may develop nausea.
"Some kids develop body aches and weakness. So that's really what we are seeing.
Omicron is mild and in most of the cases children get better by the fourth day but those with comorbidities, need to be very careful," Dr Sibal said.
"In children, where there are predisposing conditions like cancer or kidney failure or liver failure, other underlying conditions one, of course, has to be more careful and more watchful to make sure that we don't miss on anything else. So there, in that scenario, more intense monitoring is needed," he added.
The doctor then advised that the best thing to do in case a child tests positive for COVID is to get in touch with a paediatrician. "The paediatrician will, on a case to case basis, decide if any investigations are needed and what should be the treatment plan," he said.
Dr Sibal also explained the symptoms Omicorn among children and said that he is "really not worried about falling saturation".
"Throat irritation, some cough, nasal blockage, or some kids develop nausea, body aches and weakness; that's really what we are seeing," he said. (ANI)