Experts back Rex Tillerson's statement against Pakistan

ANI | Updated: Oct 28, 2017 06:07 IST

New Delhi [India], Oct 28 (ANI): US Secretary of state Rex Tillerson's firm statement against Pakistan on Saturday has been backed by defence experts and former diplomats.

A day after Tillerson concluded his maiden trip to Afghanistan, Pakistan and India, he said, "If Pakistan fails to act against terrorists, US will get it done in a different way".

Speaking to ANI, defence expert PK Sehgal said, "This statement is a clear warning, caution and recommendation to Pakistan that its game as far as terrorism is concern is up."

"They have no option but to dismantle the terrorist camps and act against each terrorists that operates on Pakistan territory," added Sehgal.

Speaking on the same, Former Indian diplomat NN Jha said, "This is very positive remark by the American Secretary of State, it obviously means that other ways can imply anything like sanctions, drone attacks on the high doubt and so on. I just hope President Donald Trump seconds him."

Earlier on October 25, during a joint press conference with Indian External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj, Tillerson slammed Pakistan for providing safe havens to terror outfits. (ANI)