North Bengal Wild Animals Park. Photo/ANI
North Bengal Wild Animals Park. Photo/ANI

Fans, water sprinklers installed in Bengal Safari Park to protect animals from sweltering heat

By Tarak Sarkar | Updated: Aug 08, 2019 17:03 IST

Siliguri (West Bengal) [India], Aug 8 (ANI): Animals Park">North Bengal Wild Animals Park has made special arrangements to protect animals from the scorching heat in the region.
The Safari Park authorities have set up ponds, installed several fans and water sprinklers and are running services day and night to keep the body temperature of the animals in check, especially that of tigers, leopards, and Asiatic black bears.
"We have taken up some special steps to make them feel comfortable in the sweltering heat. We have set up ponds in the enclosures for the animals which stay in the night shelters," Dharamdeo Rai, the director of the park, said.
The park is a major tourist attraction in the region. However, adverse weather conditions have slashed the number of visitors by one-fourth from around 4,000 to 1,000 people a day.
"We have also arranged for fans and water sprinklers for the animals," Rai said.
The park is spread over 700 acres of forest land and offers tiger safari, mixed herbivore safari, leopard safari, and Asiatic black bear safaris. It also has an aviary trail, lesser cats trail, and alligator and crocodile ponds as well. (ANI)