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Visual from Chickaballapura district (Photo/ANI)
Visual from Chickaballapura district (Photo/ANI)

Farmers in Karnataka's Chickaballapura elated with high demand, good prices of grapes

ANI | Updated: Aug 01, 2021 14:34 IST

Chickaballapura (Karnataka)[India], August 1 (ANI): Farmers from Chickaballapura district are relieved after grapes are being sold at high prices and are in high demand after relaxation in COVID-19 norms.
Farmers in the Chikkaballapur district were in deep stress and tension without a proper price for grapes for past years. Last year, grapes that had grown into the covid-19 lockdown had to be poured into the cane and dumped in garbage pits due to loss. As people are now recovering after the lockdown relaxation, the price of 1 kg of grapes has gone up to Rs. 140 to 150.
Chikkaballapur which is also known as draughty barren land in the country is now using new technology to grow fruit and vegetable flowers. The district also grows and exports grapes abroad and to the northern states.

KR Reddy, a farmer from Ajjawara village of Chikkaballapur taluk, had grown "Red Globe" grapes on five acres.
"Merchants are coming to farms and buying one kg of grapes for Rs 145 or above, I am pleased with the high demand and the price of the grapes," he said.
Approximately 50 tonnes of grapes were grown on five acres, which brought the farmer lakhs of rupees.
Anjaneya Reddy another farmer of the Chikkaballapur district, taluk, also cultivated "Dil Kush" grapes on two acres, and about 40 tonnes of grapes ago is expected for two acres. Already, three-quarters of the plants have been harvested and sold at Rs 90 per kg.
Some farmers in Chikkaballapur have used technology and used the scientific methods to grow grapes under the guidance of the Horticulture Department of the Karnataka government. (ANI)