Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh (Photo/ANI)
Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh (Photo/ANI)

Farmers must go to meetings with government, issue must be resolved: Capt Amarinder Singh

By Naveen Kapoor | Updated: Jan 29, 2021 23:45 IST

Chandigarh (Punjab) [India], January 29 (ANI): Noting that the people who had infiltrated the farmers' movement had caused violence at Red Fort and other parts of Delhi on Republic Day, Punjab Chief Minister Capt Amarinder Singh has said the agitation has lost its steam due to these incidents.
He said the issue concerning three farm laws should not be allowed to prolong and should be resolved at the earliest. He said the central government should continue the dialogue with the representative of the farmers and they must go for dialogue.
Capt Amarinder Singh told ANI in an interview that he has cautioned the Centre that Pakistan can activate its sleeper cells to create disturbance in the country and "a disturbed Punjab" suits its policies.
"Government (Union) better be on its toes. I have been warning them for a long time that Pakistan is trying to infiltrate the borders. Their weapons are coming in. They have sleeper cells here that they can awaken anytime they want. A disturbed Punjab suits Pakistan's policies," the Chief Minister said.
He said Red Fort is a symbol of the country's independence and democracy and he was saddened by the incidents during the violence on January 26.
He said it is for the investigative agencies to probe the incidents of violence and fix responsibility.
"This is something of which no Indian can be proud. The Red Fort is a symbol of our Independence and democracy. The Indian flag was raised there on August 17, 1947. It was a sad day when I saw what happened. The farmers have made it clear that they do not believe in violence. I don't believe that the farmers were involved in the violence. I think it is people who infiltrated this movement. There are plenty of people. We are sitting on the border here. I keep reporting back and government in Delhi knows this jolly well what is happening at our border. It is for the investigative authorities to probe the matter and see who is responsible for it," he told ANI.
Capt Amarinder Singh said the farmers' agitation lost "steam" after the incidents at Red Fort.
Asked if the movement had been discredited due to incidents of February 26, he said, "Yes, I think so".
"The whole world was supporting the farmers. But the moment the violence came, and the symbol of the Red Fort was violated, was when the movement lost steam," he said.
"I think that the government should continue its contact with the farmers and the farmers must go to the meetings. This must be resolved. It cannot continue like this," he added.
Delhi had witnessed violence during the tractor march by farmers on Republic Day to protest against three farm laws. The protestors violated the agreement about the route for the tractor march and entered central Delhi after forcibly removing barricades. Several policemen were injured in the violence and vehicles were damaged.
Flags were waved from the ramparts of Red Fort and a religious flag was raised from the mast from where the Tricolour is hoisted.
The Chief Minister said BJP-led government could not understand the nature of the farmer's movement and it should take responsibility for the violence on Republic Day.
"It isn't for me to put the blame on any person or agency. But one thing must be understood, the government in power must take responsibility and that government is currently of BJP. They must own up to this fact and look into why they couldn't understand the movement's nature," he said. (ANI)