National Conference leader Farooq Abdullah speaking to reporters from his house in Srinagar
National Conference leader Farooq Abdullah speaking to reporters from his house in Srinagar

Farooq Abdullah accuses Shah of lying in parliament, says will challenge Centre's decision in court

ANI | Updated: Aug 06, 2019 17:10 IST

Srinagar (Jammu and Kashmir) [India], Aug 6 (ANI): Jammu and Kashmir's former chief minister and National Conference leader Farooq Abdullah on Tuesday lashed out at Home Minister Amit Shah for stating that he was inside his home by his own free will and accused him of lying in the parliament.
Abdullah also said that they will peacefully fight against the Centre's decision and would go to court to challenge the same.
Speaking to media persons from the balcony of his Srinagar house, Abdullah said, "I forced myself out to talk to you, to tell you that home ministry is lying in the parliament- that I am not house arrested and I am sitting inside my house out of my own will.
"Do you think I will stay inside my house on my own will when my state is being burnt, when my people are being executed in the jails, punished in their homes? This is not the India that I believe in. My India is a democratic, secular India for all. Whatever your region or religion maybe", Abdullah added.
Earlier during today's session of the parliament, NCP lawmaker Supriya Sule had enquired about the whereabouts of Abdullah upon which Home Minister Amit Shah had stated that he was at his home out of his own will.
Sule said, "I sit on seat 462, Farooq Abdullah sits on seat 461. He is elected from Jammu and Kashmir, we can't hear him today. This debate will be incomplete if you ask me."
Upon which Shah replied, "Farooq Abdullah has neither been detained nor arrested. He is at his home, out of his own free will".
With his voice trembling with emotions, Abdullah also voiced his complete disdain for the scrapping of Article 370 and said that they will move to court against the decision.
"It is totally undemocratic. I don't even believe in their gun. It is all false. After 70 years they have stabbed the people of the state. As soon as the gate will open, our people will be out. We will fight, go to the courts. We are not grenade throwers, we are not stone-throwers, we believe in a peaceful resolution of things. If they want to murder us, my chest is ready, fire here but not at my back," Abdullah said in an agitated tone.
On being asked about his son, Omar Abdullah, Farooq said, "My son is in jail and I don't know how many more people will go to jail. I think this is the price we will continue to pay to make India democratic and secular."
While replying to a question about Shah accusing three political families of robbing Jammu and Kashmir residents of their due rights, Farooq said, "I didn't think that our home minister can lie in such august gathering. They will always accuse us but he will not find another Indian like me."
He also reiterated that he cannot move out of his house and his doors were locked and he was unwell.
"How can I go when my doors are locked? I am not well even today. Nobody expected such decision", he told reporters.
A resolution removing the special status of the state under Article 370 was approved by the Rajya Sabha on Monday with Home Minister Amit Shah saying the constitutional provision was the "root cause of terrorism" in the state and the Modi government was committed to making the state the most progressive in the country.
Amit Shah today moved the Jammu and Kashmir Reorganisation Bill 2019, The Jammu and Kashmir Reservation (Second Amendment) Bill 2019 and the resolution revoking Article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir in Lok Sabha. (ANI)